Heavy Engineering

Mastering the Art of Heavy Machinery Packaging

Heavy Engineering Packaging Solutions

Specializing in robust packaging solutions, XPERTPACK manages the complexities of heavy, oversized, and sensitive machinery with precision and efficiency, ensuring safety and compliance in global shipments.

Tailored Packaging for Heavy Engineering

Robust Design Capabilities

Specializing in oversized (ODC) and heavy-load packaging solutions that support weights exceeding 10,000 kg.

Custom Handling Solutions

Crafting packaging that accommodates the absence of material handling equipment at remote locations.

Protection Against Elements

Providing weatherproof and rust-resistant packaging to protect sensitive machinery during long shipments.

Overcoming Complex Packaging Challenges

Handling Oversized Cargo

Designing solutions for non-standard dimensions that exceed typical container sizes.

Enhanced Safety Measures

Implementing rigorous shock and dust protection measures to safeguard electronics and mechanical components.

Logistical Optimization

Ensuring efficient transport and unloading strategies tailored to the unique demands of heavy machinery.

Comprehensive Checklist for Heavy Machinery Packaging

Sensitivity and Corrosion Protection

Assessing each piece of equipment for environmental vulnerabilities and applying protective measures accordingly.

Load Distribution

Adhering to MIL-SPEC and ASTM standards to manage point and line loads effectively.

Shipment Mode Considerations

Tailoring packaging designs to the specific requirements of sea, air, or road transport.

Handling and Unloading

Incorporating clear handling instructions and easy-unpack features to facilitate safe and efficient delivery processes.


Ensure your heavy machinery is shipped with utmost care and expertise. Contact XPERTPACK today to secure advanced, reliable packaging solutions designed for the heavy engineering sector.