Plastics Packaging

Flexible, Efficient, Sustainable

Flexible Plastics Packaging Solutions

Introduction to Engineered
Thermoformed Trays

Discover the precision of XPERTPACK’s engineered thermoformed trays, tailored to meet the exact needs of your products and supply chain. Our expertise lies in creating bespoke packaging solutions that significantly reduce total cost and environmental impact without compromising on protection and quality.

Design Capabilities

The ready availability of raw materials and extensive mold design options enable thermoformed trays to perform functions that are challenging with alternative materials like corrugated, wood, or metal.


Thermoformed trays eliminate the need for poly bags in primary packaging, offering a clean and efficient solution. They are especially effective for exporting auto components, helping to prevent rust and damage.

Reduced Cost

Thermoformed trays can replace a variety of packaging materials, including corrugated separators, VCI poly bags, paper, and bubble foam separators. These automation-friendly solutions are tailored to significantly reduce total costs across the supply chain.

Flexible, Efficient, Sustainable

Versatile Material Handling

Thermoformed trays are adaptable, outperforming corrugated, wood, and metal in complex tasks.

Extensive Mold Options

Broad mold design choices allow precise customization for specific packaging needs.

Eliminate Unnecessary Materials

Thermoformed trays remove poly bags, providing cleaner, more sustainable packaging.

Ideal for Sensitive Components

Perfect for auto components, preventing rust and enhancing product safety during export.

Material Substitution

Thermoformed trays efficiently replace traditional separators and cushioning materials like bubble foam.

Automation-Friendly Designs

Custom designs facilitate automation, streamlining operations and slashing supply chain costs.

Our Thermoforming Capabilities

Material Versatility

We process a wide range of materials including ABS, HDPE, HIPS, R-PET, A-PET, and PP, accommodating both roll and sheet forms.

Advanced Processing

Our machines can handle sheet thicknesses up to 5 mm, tailored to meet specific client needs.

Customizable ESD Levels

We offer customizable electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection levels based on client requirements.

Efficient Production

  • In-House Mold Design: Allows for precise and rapid mold creation.
  • Multi-Machine Setup: Enhances our production capacity and flexibility.
  • Industry-Leading Lead Times: We prioritize efficiency to offer some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.
  • Cost Competitiveness: Committed to providing economically advantageous solutions.
  • Export Readiness: We handle and fulfill export orders effectively, meeting global standards.
What We Offer

Innovative Thermoformed Solutions for Diverse Applications

Discover our versatile, high-performance thermoformed trays, engineered for precision fitting and optimal protection across various industries.

Precision & Functionality

Our thermoformed plastic trays are precisely engineered to conform to your product contours, ensuring maximum protection during transport and handling.


Improve your operational logistics with our custom thermoformed trays, designed for optimal space utilization and easy integration into existing storage and transport systems.


We prioritize environmental sustainability in our thermoforming processes, utilizing recyclable materials and energy-efficient methods to ensure our products are as eco-friendly as possible.


Engage with XPERTPACK to revolutionize your product packaging with our engineered thermoformed solutions. Contact us to elevate your packaging performance and supply chain efficiency.