Strapping And Lashing

Heavy Machinery Packaging

Strapping and Lashing is done to convert the cargo into a transportable unit. A major reason for cargo getting damaged in transit is because of inadequate cargo securing. The main function is to make pallet loads, crates, or other items immobile and secure. An unsecured load can shift in transit and create dynamics that can cause damages. Strapping and Lashing assumes importance when big machinery and heavy equipment is placed on containers and then tied using nylon straps and metal buckles and transported. Strapping therefore obviates the need of wood packaging though wood may still be used for bracing and choking.

We use CordStrap for all our tying applications. An alternative to this is to use Metal Straps. CordStrap is available in the following widths – 16mm, 19mm, 25mm and 32mm. Apart from this there is a wide range of Heavy Duty CordStrap with a loop strength of upto 8 tonnes. The table below gives a comparison between CordStrap and IronStrap.