Heavy Machinery Packaging

Does your equipment fall in the following categories?

Your equipment is Heavy and has one or several Point Loads. Anything more than 10,000kg of weight is considered Heavy


Your equipment is not standard sized but ODC (Over Dimensional Cargo). Cargo is ODC when the length, width or height is more than that of a standard container

Your equipment is Shipping to a remote location where access to Material Handling Equipment is not available. The desired Material Handling Equipment may not be available at various transit points.

Your equipment is Sensitive to dust and shocks and requires Weather Proofing. Equipment may also be prone to Rusting

We specialise in Heavy Machinery Packaging, packaging Oversize (ODC), Over-weight and difficult to handle cargo. We can manufacture export boxes of any size and ensure that your products reach the destination in clean, dry and perfect condition. We routinely make boxes that are 40 feet x 12 feet x 12 feet and can take upto 40 tonnes of weight. Please visit our portfolio to see a few case studies listed under Heavy Machinery Packaging.

Also, since most of these Heavy Machinery Packaging projects are one-off, we have executed several such contracts all across India.

Our checklist for heavy machinery packaging


Is the equipment sensitive to shocks or corrosion? Does the equipment have electronic panels which need more care and protection?


How are the loads distributed on the machine? All point loads and line loads are to be taken care of while constructing the base. MIL-SPEC and ASTM Standards are followed for box construction


Mode of shipment – air, sea or road or a combination of these is one of the most important factors determining the design


For large and expensive machinery Handling becomes very critical. Use of proper signs and markings is imperative. Appropriate shipping instructions and markings can make a big difference to how a box is handled


How a box is unpacked is as important as how it is packed. The design has to be made keeping in mind the ease of unloading in terms of Handling Equipment (MHE) required at various touch-points.

Designing a heavy box

The initial phase in creating a heavy-duty box involves meticulous 3D modeling using advanced design software like ProEngineer and CratePro. At XPERTPACK, our goal is to construct a wooden box that offers robust protection against the rigors of shipping and storage, while maintaining the lightest possible weight to minimize shipping costs and space requirements. This strategic approach to design not only meets but exceeds the necessary strength properties, ensuring optimal protection and efficiency. The benefits of a well-engineered crate design extend across the supply chain—from reduced shipping costs and liability risks to lower product prices for consumers due to efficiencies gained.

Designing a heavy Skid

The second critical step in XPERTPACK’s heavy machinery packaging process involves designing robust skids that form the foundation for safely transporting heavy loads. Utilizing advanced engineering software, our team meticulously crafts skids that are tailored to support and balance the weight of oversized and heavy equipment. 

Our heavy skids are designed with consideration for load distribution, weight capacity, and the specific handling requirements of each piece of equipment. By focusing on these key aspects, XPERTPACK ensures that the skids provide a stable and secure base, minimizing the risk of movement and damage during transit. This step is vital for maintaining the integrity of heavy and valuable machinery throughout the shipping process, from initial loading to final unloading at the destination.

Sea Worthy Packaging

The third step in XPERTPACK’s process focuses on ensuring that heavy machinery is prepared for the rigors of sea transport through our specialized sea-worthy packaging solutions. This stage is crucial for protecting the machinery from environmental factors such as moisture, saltwater corrosion, and vigorous marine conditions that could potentially damage the equipment during lengthy voyages.

XPERTPACK utilizes a combination of robust materials and advanced packing techniques to seal and safeguard machinery. This includes the use of moisture barrier films, corrosion inhibitors like VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) papers and sprays. 

This meticulous attention to detail in sea-worthy packaging guarantees that heavy machinery arrives at its destination in the same condition it was shipped, avoiding costly damage and delays that can impact client operations and project timelines.

Handling of large boxes

The fourth step in XPERTPACK’s process is focused on the expert handling of large boxes during transportation. We ensure each package is safely and efficiently transported from our facility to the shipping point using specialized vehicles equipped with heavy-duty lifting gear. Coordination with logistics partners and meticulous planning allow us to manage the optimal routes and handling methods.

Detailed handling instructions are prepared for each crate, including labels for weight distribution and lifting points, ensuring stability and security throughout transit. By carefully managing these details, XPERTPACK minimizes the risk of damage and maintains the integrity of the machinery until it reaches its final destination.

Instruction Sheets

As part of XPERTPACK’s comprehensive packaging process, the creation of detailed instruction sheets is crucial. These sheets serve as a guide for safe and effective unpacking, handling, and assembly of heavy machinery at the destination.

Our instruction sheets include clear, step-by-step directions covering all aspects of handling, from unloading and positioning to assembly and installation. They are tailored to the specific needs of each shipment and client, ensuring that all parties involved in the unpacking and setup have the necessary information to proceed safely and efficiently.

By providing these essential documents, XPERTPACK enhances the overall effectiveness of the delivery process, reducing the potential for errors and delays while ensuring that each piece of machinery is handled correctly from the moment it is unpacked.


Discover how XPERTPACK can enhance your product packaging with our heavy machinery packaging solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in achieving optimal packaging performance.