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Automotive & Components Packaging Solutions

Dive into XPERTPACK’s specialized packaging solutions crafted for the automotive industry, designed to safeguard critical automotive components from manufacturing to market (and aftermarket). Our innovative approaches ensure products arrive in pristine condition, optimizing your supply chain and reducing overhead costs.

XPERTPACK's Expertise in Automotive Packaging

Multi-Material Proficiency

Utilizing an array of materials such as paper, wood, metal, and plastics to provide optimal packaging solutions for every automotive component.

End-to-End Service Offering

Delivering complete packaging solutions from design to delivery, ensuring seamless integration into the client’s supply chain.

Customization and Precision

Tailored packaging solutions that meet specific needs for both domestic and international shipping, as well as in-plant handling.

Compliance and Standards

Ensuring all packaging meets stringent industry and international standards to facilitate smooth logistics and secure transportation.

Overcoming Packaging Challenges in the Automotive Industry

Sea-Worthy Protection

Specialized packaging designed to prevent moisture and rust, ensuring safe sea transport.

Domestic Logistics Efficiency

Solutions that enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of domestic shipping and handling.

In-Plant Handling Optimization

Robust in-plant material handling and storage solutions that streamline operations and reduce in-house logistical challenges.

Integrated Packaging Solutions

Offering end-to-end services that cover all aspects of packaging, reducing the need for multiple vendors and simplifying supply chain management.

Success Story: Optimizing Packaging for a Leading Indian Auto Component Supplier

Client: Auto component supplier for manufacturers such as BMW & Audi.

Challenge: Client grappling with high packaging costs and inefficient use of container space, inflating both storage and transport expenses.

Design Innovation

Shifted to corrugated materials, from plastics, enhancing design and maximizing container utilization.

Cost Reduction

Cut packaging costs from Rs 14.8 to Rs 9.25 per unit, achieving a 37.5% reduction.

Capacity Increase

Increased container capacity from 8,700 to 14,400 components, enhancing efficiency by 65%.

Space Efficiency

Reduced storage space requirements significantly by replacing foam with corrugated materials.

Reduction in Packaging Cost for a Gear Pinion Manufacturer


The customer, a large industrial group engaged in the manufacturing of forged gears and pinions, was facing issues with parts getting damaged due to rubbing in transit. 

Problem: Heavy & Costly Packaging​

Their existing wooden packaging solution was costly and added excess weight.


Vacuum Thermoformed Trays: Developed to eliminate moisture inside, provide better stability of inner packing, and eliminate damages to parts.

Heavy Duty Triple Wall Board

Replaced the wooden box, with corrugation, reducing the packaging weight and cutting costs by 30% from the existing packaging. The new design allowed a stacking strength of 1+1 with 800 kg per pallet load.


Significant reduction in packaging weight and cost and enhanced product safety during transit.


Boost your automotive component protection with XPERTPACK’s advanced packaging solutions. Get in touch today to learn how our tailored solutions can streamline your operations and reduce costs.