ESD Packaging

Precision Protection, ESD Safe


Comprehensive ESD Packaging Solutions

Advanced ESD Packaging for Electronics

XPERTPACK delivers specialized ESD packaging designed for the sensitive demands of the Electronics and Telecommunications industry, ensuring safe transit and storage from the smallest ICs to large telecom equipment.

Wide Product Range

Offering an array of ESD solutions from antistatic bags to conductive bins, tailored for various electronics.

Cleanroom Manufacturing

Our cleanroom production setup enables us to provide high-quality ESD packaging for sensitive applications.

Customized ESD Protection

From semiconductors to complex BTS, our ESD packaging is custom-made for precise protection needs.

Our ESD Catalogue

Download our ESD catalogue to explore our extensive range of electrostatic discharge safe products, designed to protect your valuable electronic components. From packaging solutions to workspace essentials, XPERTPACK offers everything you need to maintain a secure and static-free environment. Secure your electronics with XPERTPACK’s reliable ESD solutions. Our catalogue provides detailed information on each product, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Precision, Protection, Cleanliness

Customizable Trays

ESD trays molded to fit specific electronics, enhancing protection.

Dedicated Designs

Custom design service ensures each product is secured against ESD risks.

Thermoformed and Injection Molded Options

Versatile manufacturing techniques for high-quality ESD packaging.

Integrated Solutions

From ESD cassettes to grid tape, complete solutions for electronics protection.

In-House Production

Ensuring quick turnaround and consistent quality for all ESD packaging needs.

Industry-Leading Expertise

Our experience spans multiple sectors, offering reliable and efficient ESD protective packaging.

Our Capabilities

Comprehensive ESD Products

XPERTPACK’s diverse range of ESD products includes everything from antistatic bags to PP bins and technical crates, all designed for industry compliance and optimal protection.

In-House Design and Production

With a wide range of ESD-safe materials at our disposal, we design and produce solutions that meet the strictest industry standards.

Technical Expertise

Our technical knowledge allows us to provide products with precise surface resistivity and protective properties to safeguard every component in any environment.
What we offer

Specialized ESD Packaging for Industry Needs

At XPERTPACK, explore ESD packaging options that guard against static and ensure product integrity, from production to customer delivery.

ESD Safe Trays & Bags

From conductive trays to shielding bags, we offer a full spectrum of ESD packaging materials.

Cleanroom-Grade Production

Our cleanroom facilities ensure contamination-free manufacturing of ESD packaging.

Customized Solutions

Each ESD packaging solution is tailor-made to fit the exact needs of your products and processes.


Partner with XPERTPACK for ESD packaging that meets the highest standards of protection and quality. Contact us to optimize your ESD protective strategy.