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Mastering Complex Packaging Challenges

XPERTPACK excels in project packaging, offering tailored solutions for heavy machinery, oversized cargo, and on-site packaging needs. Our expertise covers everything from strapping and lashing to flatrack preparation, ensuring that even the most challenging loads are secured for safe and efficient transport. Utilizing advanced materials like CordStrap and comprehensive techniques, we safeguard your investments from potential damages during transit.


Securing for Safety

We utilize industrial-grade strapping and lashing to stabilize cargo, crucial for preventing movement and damage. Our materials, including nylon straps and metal buckles, are selected to provide maximum security, making them ideal for heavy equipment and oversized loads.

Optimizing Non-Standard Shipments

Specializing in flatrack use, we handle oversized and overweight cargo that cannot be loaded into standard containers. Our expertise ensures that heavy loads are securely fastened to flatracks, which are then safely mounted for ocean transport.

Efficient Space Management

Our strategic container stuffing and stripping services optimize space and weight distribution across containers. This meticulous planning increases efficiency and reduces shipping costs, demonstrating our capability to manage complex logistics challenges.

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Packaging Projects Undertaken by XPERTPACK

Comprehensive Packaging Solutions for Industrial Automation Parts

At XPERTPACK, we specialize in delivering end-to-end packaging solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. This case study showcases our approach to packaging complex industrial automation parts, ensuring their safe and efficient transport.

Parts Type

Our client required packaging for a range of high-value automation parts, including Automatic Conveyors, Turntable and Conveying Systems, Case Erectors and Case Makers, Delta Robots, Gantry Robot Solutions

Challenges Faced During Packaging

  • Irregular Shapes: Each part had a unique and irregular shape, complicating the packaging process.
  • Anti-Corrosion/Rust-Free: Protection against corrosion and rust during transportation was crucial.
  • Moisture-Free: Ensuring the packaging remained moisture-free to prevent damage was vital.
  • Optimized Size for Sea Transport:  minimize shipping costs and ensure safe transit.
  • Safe for Dock Loading & Unloading: Robust packaging was necessary to handle the rigors of loading and unloading at ports.


Significant reduction in packaging weight and cost and enhanced product safety during transit.

Vacuum Thermoformed Trays, Automotive & Components, Corrugated Packaging, Design, Prototyping & Testing

Delivering Tangible Benefits Through Expert Packaging

XPERTPACK’s project packaging services empower clients with reliable, secure solutions for transporting heavy and complex machinery. Clients benefit from our meticulous attention to detail, which minimizes risk of damage, ensures compliance with international shipping standards, and reduces logistical expenses. Our approach not only enhances the safety of valuable cargo but also optimizes operational costs, making large-scale shipments more economical and dependable.


Discover how XPERTPACK can enhance your product packaging with our project packaging services. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in achieving optimal packaging performance.