Pallet Collars

Durable, Efficient, Sustainable

Pallet Collars

Pallet Collars have hinges which are riveted at all corners so they can be folded flat while transportation. They can be custom made and are very good for developing reusable packaging solutions. Pallet Collars offer a unique advantage during return logistics as the pallet collars can be easily folded, mounted on pallets and consume a fraction of the space on the journey way back. The repair and maintenance is also easy as broken wooden planks can easily be replaced. The metallic hinges used in Pallet Collars are either galvanized or powder coated.

Pallet Collars are also useful in static warehouse racking although they can be stacked on top of each other for storage so racking is not always necessary.

Pallet Collars can be placed gradually one on top of each other gradually as products are placed layer by layer. This eliminates the need to bend over high bin sides. They are very durable and the company logos may be printed for high visibility and branding.

XPERTPACK provides returnable packaging solutions using Pallet Collars as a base and manages flows between Gurgaon-Pune and Gurgaon-Chennai.

Benefits of Pallet Collars

  • Well established, sturdy and standardized solution
  • Ease of use, maintenance and repair
  • Custom sizes
  • Low to moderate upfront investment, High RoI if used as returnable packaging
  • Sturdy therefore long life spanning atleast a few years
  • Ideal for storage and movement in warehouses
  • The pallet can be filled up gradually and more collars can be placed as and when it fills up. It obviates the need for the workman to bend to place material inside it.

Standard Sizes of Pallet Collars

  • Standard Height – 200 mm (More pallet collars can be stacked in multiples of 200mm)
  • Maximum Dimensions – 1800 x 1800 x 200 mm (More pallet collars can be stacked in multiples of 200mm)
  • Minimum Dimensions – 600 x 600 x 200 mm  (More pallet collars can be stacked in multiples of 200mm)
  • Metallic hinges are galvanized making them resistant to rusting. Occasionally they are powder coated as well
  • The rivets are made of mild steel
  • The wood is usually kiln dried to bring the moisture level down to 10 percent to eliminate errors resulting from natural tolerances.


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