Earth Moving Equipment

Advanced Packaging and Securement Solutions

Comprehensive Packaging Solutions for
Earth Moving Equipment

XPERTPACK delivers specialized packaging and securement solutions tailored to the unique needs of the earth moving equipment sector, ensuring robust protection and compliance during transit.

Tailored Packaging and Securement for Heavy Equipment

Advanced Strapping and Lashing

Utilizing CordStrap and Metal Straps to secure heavy machinery, ensuring stability and safety during transport.

Custom Packaging Solutions

Offering a range of packaging options from wooden crates to corrosion-inhibitive materials tailored to protect against environmental factors and rough handling.

Material Handling Expertise

Providing end-to-end solutions that include the handling and securing of oversized and heavy loads.

Overcoming Securement and Transport Challenges

Load Stability and Security

Employing best-in-class strapping and lashing techniques to handle the dynamic forces during transit and prevent cargo shift.

Protection Against Elements

Ensuring that all packaging solutions offer resistance to dust, moisture, and shocks, particularly critical for sensitive machinery components.

Regulatory Compliance

Guaranteeing that all securement and packaging practices meet international shipping standards and regulations for heavy equipment.


A leading multinational corporation with a global presence.


Setup of an axle manufacturing hub in Noida, India.


Implement product safety measures, manage in-plant logistics, handle international shipments, and ensure protective packaging with cost-effective solutions.

Streamlining In-Plant Operations

Developed a complete in-plant logistics system including material handling equipment and manpower management, ensuring efficient daily operations and handling within the manufacturing facility.

Advanced Protective Packaging

Custom-designed protective packaging solutions that included rust prevention for up to two years, essential for maintaining the integrity of axle frames during storage and transit.

Efficient Global Distribution

Managed international transport, including trucking to ports and container stuffing, with special considerations for safe and secure delivery to Italy and the USA.

Sustainable Reverse Logistics

Implemented a returnable solution for axle frames, optimizing the use of packaging materials and reducing waste, contributing to sustainability and cost savings.

Achieving Cost Savings and Scalability

Through variable billing based on dispatch and short development times for new service requirements, the project achieved an 18% cost saving over other solutions, demonstrating scalability and flexibility in operations.


Secure and streamline your earth moving equipment logistics with XPERTPACK’s specialized packaging and strapping solutions. Reach out today to ensure your heavy machinery is protected with precision and care.