Containerised Transportation gave a massive impetus to the production of wooden pallets as they provide a convenient way to move loads and if the palletised loads are uniform from top then even stack one on top of each other. Once palletised loads can be conveniently moved around using Material Handling Equipment (MHE) such as forklift trucks, hand pallet trucks and stackers. A pallet can take upto 2 tonnes of static load and about 1.5 tonne of dynamic load, however using different designs, pallets can be made to take much higher loads.

No universally accepted standards for Pallet Sizes exist. A few elements that determine the size of pallets include – Load per pallet, Point load distribution, Equipment/Box Sizes and Rack dimensions in the warehouse to name a few. Pallets can be four way or two way depending on loads as four way pallets are capable of carrying much heavier loads.