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XPERTPACK delivers custom packaging solutions that cater to a wide array of industries such as Automobiles & Components, Electrical & Electronics, and Heavy Engineering. By integrating cutting-edge materials and innovative design approaches, we ensure each packaging solution meets the specific requirements for protection, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Our expertise enables clients to enhance their product safety and logistical efficiency across the most challenging distribution networks.

Our services extend to key sectors like Steel & Mining, and Power & Utilities, where specialized packaging can significantly impact operational success. XPERTPACK’s tailored solutions are designed to handle the rigorous demands of these industries, protecting equipment and materials from environmental stresses and transportation hazards. Committed to sustainability and precision, we help our clients maintain the integrity of their goods while optimizing their supply chain.

Automobiles & Components

Dive into XPERTPACK’s specialized packaging solutions crafted for the automotive industry, designed to safeguard critical automotive components from manufacturing to market (and aftermarket)

Electrical & Electronics

XPERTPACK delivers state-of-the-art ESD packaging solutions that protect and preserve the integrity of sensitive electronic and electrical components, ensuring they meet the highest standards of safety and functionality.


Heavy Engineering

Specializing in robust packaging solutions, XPERTPACK manages the complexities of heavy, oversized, and sensitive machinery with precision and efficiency, ensuring safety and compliance in global shipments.


Steel & Mining

XPERTPACK delivers heavy-duty packaging solutions designed to protect and secure steel and mining equipment from the extreme conditions of transport and storage.

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Power & Utilities

XPERTPACK specializes in providing secure, robust packaging solutions designed to protect critical power and utility equipment during transit and storage, ensuring operational integrity upon arrival.

earth mover

Earth Moving Equipment

XPERTPACK delivers specialized packaging and securement solutions tailored to the unique needs of the earth moving equipment sector, ensuring robust protection and compliance during transit.

Heavy Machinery Packaging specialists: Expertise in oversize, over-weight cargo handling. Custom export box manufacturing for pristine delivery. Portfolio showcases successful projects across India.

Oil & Gas

XPERTPACK specializes in delivering high-strength, multi-material packaging solutions for the oil and gas industry, ensuring safety, compliance, and efficiency from production to delivery.

Solid Wood Furniture


XPERTPACK offers customized, safe, and efficient packaging solutions that address the unique challenges of shipping diverse and delicate furniture pieces, both domestically and internationally.



XPERTPACK delivers specialized packaging solutions that ensure the safety and integrity of sensitive energy equipment during transit, tailored to meet the unique demands of the dynamic energy sector.

Products Of Any Specification

Automated production and more than fifteen years of experience give us the opportunity to offer our customers all the most popular types of wooden & corrugated packaging. Our specialists will always help you with the choice.


We are proud that our experience allows us to offer our clients the best solutions, tailored to the needs and requirements of their business.

Multi-Material Solutions

We work with paper, wood, metal and plastics to create the most efficient solutions

Efficient Designs

Packaging designed for optimal box sizes with the most efficient container/trailer utilisation

Cost Leadership

Backward integrated supply chain & plant automation ensures we are cost leaders in our category.

Geographical Reach

Four production centers, eight warehouses and dozens of mobile teams give us unparalleled geographical reach

Reliable Deliveries

We guarantee timely deliveries to our clients to any part of India and stick to our SLAs

Elevate Your Packaging Strategy

Align with XPERTPACK to innovate your packaging approach. Gain insights into sustainable practices that reduce environmental impact and enhance packaging efficiency for a smarter, greener supply chain.


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