Packaging Products

Multi-Material and Sustainable

Multi-Material and Sustainable Packaging Products

XPERTPACK excels in delivering multi-material packaging products tailored to diverse industry requirements. Our extensive range includes Corrugated Packaging for its lightness and flexibility, Wood Packaging for exceptional strength and durability, and Plastics Packaging, featuring versatile thermoformed trays. We also incorporate additional materials like foam, which offers excellent cushioning properties, ensuring comprehensive protection for a variety of product types. This versatility makes us a one-stop-shop for all packaging needs, simplifying the supply chain for clients.

Our expertise extends to Metal Packaging and ESD Packaging, the former providing robust protection for heavy components, and the latter ensuring safety for sensitive electronic devices from electrostatic discharges. Embracing sustainability, XPERTPACK utilizes recyclable materials and designs aimed at minimizing waste, significantly enhancing the environmental friendliness of our packaging solutions. By offering options that combine different materials, we provide customized, effective, and sustainable packaging strategies that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Corrugated Packaging

Equipped with our own state-of-the-art board line, XPERTPACK controls the entire production process of corrugated packaging, ensuring high-quality output and flexibility in material usage. This capability allows us to respond swiftly to custom requirements and maintain strict quality control over each packaging solution we deliver. Whether you need simple shipping boxes or complex, bespoke packaging designs, XPERTPACK leverages the latest in design technology and materials science to develop corrugated packaging that precisely fits your requirements. 

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Wooden Packaging

At XPERTPACK, we specialize in designing and manufacturing custom wood packaging that caters to a wide range of industry requirements. Leveraging our state-of-the-art facilities and innovative approaches, we provide wood packaging solutions that are not only sturdy and reliable but also tailored to the specific needs of industries like logistics, construction, manufacturing, and more.

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Plastic Packaging

Discover the precision of XPERTPACK’s engineered thermoformed trays, designed to meet the exact needs of your products and supply chain with unparalleled finesse. Our specialized expertise in plastics packaging focuses on delivering bespoke thermoformed tray solutions that optimize protection, cost-efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Ideal for sectors that require high precision and cleanliness, such as electronics and automotive components, our trays enhance product safety and logistical efficiency.

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Metal Packaging

At XPERTPACK, we deliver specialized metal packaging solutions tailored for maximum industrial resilience and customized to meet your specific product requirements. Our expertise extends across a wide range of applications, from simple containers to complex structural components, all designed to ensure the safety and integrity of your products during transport and storage.

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ESD Packaging

XPERTPACK delivers specialized ESD packaging solutions crafted for the sensitive requirements of the Electronics and Telecommunications industries. We ensure the safe transit and storage of electronic components, from the smallest integrated circuits (ICs) to large telecommunications equipment. Our ESD packaging is designed to mitigate static discharge risks, providing a secure environment that preserves the integrity and functionality of your electronics throughout their logistical journey.

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Key Features of Our Packaging Products

Discover how XPERTPACK’s tailored, durable, and sustainable packaging products meet diverse industry needs with precision and efficiency.

Customized Design Solutions

Across all materials, XPERTPACK emphasizes the importance of customized designs to meet specific industry needs and client specifications. Whether it’s corrugated boxes, wood packaging, metal structures, or ESD packaging, each solution is tailored for optimal usability and ergonomic handling.

Durability and Load Management

High durability and effective load management are central to XPERTPACK’s packaging solutions. From wood packaging designed to withstand substantial loads to metal packaging engineered for extreme durability, all materials are chosen and crafted to ensure they maintain structural integrity under rigorous conditions.

Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and precise treatment processes, XPERTPACK ensures all packaging solutions, including wood and metal, meet high quality standards and comply with international shipping regulations like ISPM-15.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Sustainability is a core value at XPERTPACK. From using RoHS and REACH compliant materials in corrugated packaging to sourcing sustainably harvested wood, the company commits to environmentally responsible practices across all materials.

Adaptability to Automation

XPERTPACK’s packaging solutions are designed to be automation-friendly, facilitating seamless integration with modern logistics systems. This includes customizable trays and designs that enhance the efficiency of automated storage and retrieval systems.

Comprehensive Testing

Every packaging solution undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of safety and effectiveness. This includes load and stress testing for corrugated and wood packaging, as well as precise ESD testing for sensitive electronic components.


Saving resources in our
customers' supply chains

XPERTPACK drives significant resource savings throughout your supply chain with sustainable, efficient packaging products that ensure product safety, enhance compliance, and streamline operations.

Optimized Design Solutions

Our designs maximize space utilization and product protection, leading to fewer materials used and reduced waste.

Enhanced Load Efficiency

By improving how products are packed, we allow for more items per shipment, cutting down on transportation costs and emissions.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to create packaging that requires less energy and resources to produce.

Customized Redesign Services

Continually optimizing packaging designs to ensure they meet changing client needs efficiently and effectively.

Clear and Predictable Pricing

Helping businesses manage budgets better with straightforward pricing and no hidden costs.

Long-Term Partnerships

Fostering relationships that focus on achieving long-term resource savings through strategic packaging improvements.

Comprehensive End-to-End Service

Managing the entire packaging lifecycle to relieve clients from operational burdens and streamline their processes.

Guaranteed Safety and Compliance

Ensuring products are securely packaged to meet industry standards, minimizing the risk of damage and non-compliance penalties.

Commitment to Sustainability

Promoting environmentally responsible practices that exceed regulatory standards, helping clients enhance their green credentials.


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