Collapsible Plywood Boxes

Collapsible Plywood Boxes

We supply nail-less collapsible plywood boxes to clients catering to a wide range of industry segments. Xpertpack has
Collapsible Plywood Boxthe capability of processing more than 100,000 square foot of plywood in a month. The biggest advantage of using nail-less collapsible plywood boxes is that they can be collapsed during transportation and assembled at the client location. They score over traditional plywood boxes because one doesn’t need to have carpenters and nails to assemble these boxes onsite. These collapsible plywood boxes can take loads of unto a few tonnes and the side metallic hinges are made of galvanised steel available in varying lengths deepening on the strength required. The available plywood thickness in these boxes are 6mm, 9mm and 12mm. Since nail-less collapsible plywood boxes are light weight and entirely made of plywood they are exempt from ISPM 15 certification. Collapsible plywood boxes are also known as nail-less boxes or foldable boxes.

Benefits of using Nail-Less Collapsible Plywood Boxes

  • Easily customisable
  • Cost effective while transportation
  • Easy to stack and can be stored in minimal space
  • Can be assembled with ease at client end
  • Exempted from phytosanitary regulations and do not require heat treatment or fumigation
  • Available in varying thicknesses depending on client requirement. Ease of customisation
  • Steel hinges are galvanised and the thickness can vary depending on requirement
  • Good for client branding

These Nail-less Collapsible Plywood Boxes come in two variations

S-Type Nail-less Collapsible Plywood Boxes:

The S-Type Nail-less Collapsible Plywood Boxes consist of one frame of four walls, one lid on top and a pallet at the bottom. The frame is foldable and can be flattened while transportation. There are metallic tongues on the lid and base which are folded inside the frame to unitise the box. It is also sometimes referred to as the foldable box

P-Type Nail-less Collapsible Plywood Boxes:

The P-Type Nail-less Collapsible Boxes have a similar arrangement as the S-Type Nail-less Collapsible boxes except that the frame is completely dismantled into four parts. Each part is then joined together using the metallic tongues. It is also sometimes referred to as the buckle box


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