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XPERTPACK delivers a wide array of specialized packaging services designed to streamline operations and ensure product safety across various sectors. Our offerings include Vendor Managed Inventory, designed to optimize stock levels; Design, Prototyping, and Testing Services, which ensure that your packaging solutions meet rigorous standards; and BOM Lifecycle Management, which helps manage and optimize the components critical to your packaging needs. Each service is crafted to integrate seamlessly with your existing processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing time to market.

We also specialize in Contract Packaging, Sea-Worthy Packaging, and Automation Friendly Packaging. These services cater to the specific needs of sectors like Automobiles & Components and Electrical & Electronics, ensuring robust protection and efficient handling. Our sea-worthy packaging solutions guard against environmental hazards during maritime transport, while our automation-friendly options are perfect for clients using advanced automated logistics systems. By providing tailored solutions, XPERTPACK supports industry leaders in maintaining high standards of protection and sustainability.

Vendor managed inventory

XPERTPACK’s Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) service optimizes your packaging supply chain by managing inventory levels directly at your facilities or at our sites. We ensure that all necessary packaging materials are available when needed, reducing downtime and costs.

Design, Prototyping & Testing

At XPERTPACK, we offer a full spectrum of design, prototyping, and testing services to elevate your packaging strategies. Using advanced design software and rigorous testing protocols, we ensure that each packaging solution not only meets but exceeds industry standards and client expectations.

BOM Lifecycle management

XPERTPACK leverages a multi-material approach in our BOM Lifecycle Management to ensure comprehensive management of all packaging components—from paper and wood to foam and accessories.

Contract Packaging

XPERTPACK excels in contract packaging, offering tailored solutions for heavy machinery, oversized cargo, and on-site packaging needs. Our expertise covers everything from strapping and lashing to flatrack preparation, ensuring that even the most challenging loads are secured for safe and efficient transport.

Sea-Worthy Packaging

XPERTPACK offers specialized sea-worthy packaging solutions designed to overcome the challenges of marine transportation. Utilizing advanced materials like VCI technology and Aluminum barrier foil, we provide robust protection against corrosion and moisture, ensuring that your products arrive in pristine condition, even after long sea journeys.

Automation Friendly Packaging

XPERTPACK’s Automation Friendly Packaging is engineered to meet the demands of modern automated handling and storage systems. By focusing on design features that facilitate easy handling, stacking, and storage, our solutions enhance the speed and accuracy of automated processes.

Products Of Any Specification

Automated production and more than fifteen years of experience give us the opportunity to offer our customers all the most popular types of wooden & corrugated packaging. Our specialists will always help you with the choice.


We are proud that our experience allows us to offer our clients the best solutions, tailored to the needs and requirements of their business.

Multi-Material Solutions

We work with paper, wood, metal and plastics to create the most efficient solutions

Efficient Designs

Packaging designed for optimal box sizes with the most efficient container/trailer utilisation

Cost Leadership

Backward integrated supply chain & plant automation ensures we are cost leaders in our category.

Geographical Reach

Four production centers, eight warehouses and dozens of mobile teams give us unparalleled geographical reach

Reliable Deliveries

We guarantee timely deliveries to our clients to any part of India and stick to our SLAs

Elevate Your Packaging Strategy

Align with XPERTPACK to innovate your packaging approach. Gain insights into sustainable practices that reduce environmental impact and enhance packaging efficiency for a smarter, greener supply chain.


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