Case Study

For a Complete Peace of Mind

Leading Aluminum Die Cast Producer

A leading manufacturer of Aluminum Die Cast Components was producing between 1.5 to 4 million units monthly for export and domestic markets. With component variety expanding from 8 to 255, swift packaging development within a week was essential. To avoid penalties, measures against component mixing were crucial, along with compliance with seaworthy packaging standards. Addressing observed overspending on packaging was also a key focus area.

Rapid Development:

Developed new packaging within a week to meet evolving needs.

Penalty Prevention:

Implemented measures to avoid component mixing and associated penalties.

Seaworthy Compliance:

Ensured all packaging met stringent seaworthy standards.

Cost Efficiency:

Addressed overspending through efficient packaging solutions.

Comprehensive Solution:

Managed material, machinery, manpower, and container lashing.

Operational Scale:

Operates 40 packing lines across multiple locations, running 24/7.

High Volume Output:

Packs 2500-3000 pallets monthly with a diverse BOM.

Efficient Manpower:

Employs 50 packers for online packaging, maintaining zero unpacked inventory.

Continuous Improvement:

Implemented work instructions, daily MIS, and safety stock management.

Sea-Worthy Packaging


XPERTPACK, a leading provider of packaging solutions, aimed to ensure the safe transport of metal products, particularly for clients in the automotive and components industries, facing longer shipping times over sea routes. Preventing corrosion caused by moisture and avoiding costly degreasing and oil removal processes were key challenges.


XPERTPACK introduced innovative sea-worthy packaging solutions, utilizing VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) technology such as VCI Paper and VCI Poly packaging materials to protect metal components during transit. They incorporated Aluminum barrier foil packaging materials for superior moisture barrier properties, creating a protective barrier against moisture ingress.


XPERTPACK’s sea-worthy packaging solutions revolutionized the shipping process for clients in the automotive and components industries. By mitigating corrosion and eliminating the need for costly degreasing and oil removal processes, they ensured product integrity and reduced expenses, solidifying their position as a trusted partner in the packaging industry.


XPERTPACK offers a patented “Easyload” system that efficiently streamlines material handling, making container loading seamless.

Eliminate Forklifts

Our clients have eliminated forklifts and have been able to drastically reduce other material handling equipments.

Safe Operation

The equipment is non-polluting and poses no safety or health risks for operators

Eliminate Open-Top Containers

Using EasyLoad and efficient packaging, we have helped our clients replace 9000 open-top containers with dry containers that are cheaper and easily available

Efficient Dock Management

Efficient Dock Management by reducing the truck time spent per dock.

New-Age Furniture Manufacturer

Shipping solid wood furniture presented a challenge for a leading manufacturer as they sought safe and cost-effective transport solutions across India and globally. Each piece varied in size and customization, complicating the task.


  • Implemented comprehensive packaging strategy tailored to specific requirements.
  • Customized packaging solutions developed for each furniture piece, considering size, weight, and vulnerability to damage.
  • Utilized special cushioning materials such as foam inserts and corner protectors to provide maximum protection during transit.
  • Innovative packaging designs implemented to optimize space utilization and reduce shipping costs without compromising safety.
  • Rigorous testing conducted to simulate various transport conditions and identify vulnerabiliti


  • Implementation of packaging solutions resulted in significant improvements in shipping operations.
  • Cost-effective packaging strategies maintained competitive pricing without compromising quality


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