Container Stuffing is important to avoid cargo overflow or wastage of space, it is essential for shippers to have a stuffing plan before cargo is loaded into the container. It becomes especially important when the shipment has more than a few containers where it becomes important to optimize the weight and volume over multiple containers. A small change in design can lead to a big gain in efficiency and can lead to lower costs.

Benefits of Containerization

  • Reduced and Speedier Handling both in case of Tight and Secure Stow.
  • Reduced Packaging and therefore reduced costs. This directly affects the time it takes to get all the cargo loaded onto the container.
  • Big cargo can be optimized in stages and demur rage charges on containers can be avoided.

Container Stuffing and Stripping Checklist

  • Cargo Type
  • Cargo Dimensions
  • Cargo Weight
  • Cargo Volume
  • Transport Route

Container Inspection

  • Is it the Right Container?
  • Is it the right size?
  • Is it the rating adequate?
  • Check for holes and cracks in the wall
  • Are the doors easy to operate
  • Locking devices and handles are easy to operate

Container Packing Aim

  • Rapid Packing with no delays
  • No heavy Manual Handling
  • Avoiding Accidents and Preventing Damages

Working Methodology

  • Position and Preparing Container
  • Using Appropriate Equipment
  • Using Dunn-age Correctly and ensuring it is treated. Also that the dunn-age wood has low moisture content
  • Preventing Condensation – adequate usage of Desiccants to reduce moisture
  • Creating the Load Plan
  • Closing and Sealing the door
  • Attaching Fumigation Labels
  • Weighing the Container

Preparing to Unpack

  • Positioning and Securing the Container
  • Inspection and Removal of Door Seal
  • Inspecting Container Content


  • Unpacking in sequence and tally
  • Sorting and reassembling the consignment at door
  • Using Material Handling Equipment
  • Checking each package for condition and identity
  • Taking damaged packages to appropriate holding area
  • Removing dunn-age and wooden items for bracing carefully