Corrugated Boxes and Fitments


Process 1200 tonnes of paper each month that includes Imported Kraft Liners, Semi Chemical Fluting along with regular Indian paper


Corrugated Board that gives superior ECT and compression. Ideal for palletisation – Great Strength and Superior Compression


We supply to leading OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers along with several leading CDIT Companies


Our automatic corrugated board line uses less boiler capacity as compared to other leading machineries and machinery makers

Xpertpack has two state of the art manufacturing plants located in Gurgaon (Gurgaon, Haryana) with installed capacity of converting 600 MT of paper per month and are committed to providing customers with customised corrugated products as well as high volume boxes.

We design and deliver corrugated boxes suitable for packaging of SIM cards weighing a few grams to heavy duty boxes that can carrying loads of upto 1000 Kg. We have an in-house design center in Gurgaon and we can produce single wall, double wall and tri-wall corrugated boxes.

These corrugated boxes may be tested and certified for packaging of Dangerous goods according to UN regulations. We also supply die cut corrugated boxes, fluted and mono cartons, corrugated boxes for online retail companies (e-tail packaging) in A, B, C, E and F flute type.

We design corrugated packaging based on few important transport handling requirements meeting international test procedures defined under DIN, ASTM, ISTA, BIS, ISO and other equivalent industry standards. A number of parameters have to be considered while developing a box and these include bending, buckling, collapse, compression, corrugated board, crease, design, experiment, failure criterion, fluting, finite element method, liner, local buckling, paper, stiffness, strength, test methods etc to name a few

We design corrugated box packaging depending on:

Weight of the contents: The components inside a corrugated box exert pressure on the inner walls. We decide the construction of the corrugated box meeting the burst strength (B.S. Value) and Flat Flush criterion. With in-house test facilities in Gurgaon, we are equipped to test you existing packaging and suggest alternatives.

Ergonomics: We have 4 die cutting machines in our manufacturing facilities in Gurgaon for making custom cut boxes and capability to design/manufacture plastic molded parts like locks and handles, we can make any FEFCO style box. We do make provide solutions to industries like FMCG, Telecom, and Medical devised, Chemicals, Retail, Consumer goods, Solar energy and power transmission.

Shock and vibrations: We understand the mode of transport used by you and the corrugated boxes are designed in combinations of flute like ACA, AAA, CCC, ABC, AB, BC to take care of the transport hazards. Cushioning and void fillers are provided wherever corrugated box alone is not sufficient to manage mishandling.

Stackability of corrugated boxes: Stackability is important to optimize the supply chain. Paper being hygroscopic in nature, tends to make the boxes lose its compression strength. We take care of this by selecting papers that have a better Cobb value, Long fibers and better Ring Crush Test (RCT) values. We manufacture corrugated boxes suitable for carrying vertical compressive loads of up to 2,000 kilos

Branding on corrugated boxes: With in-house team of designers, we can validate you art work and can get multicolor boxes using various printing techniques like Offset Printing, Flexographic printing or screen printing. Your order sizes determine the right method for printing. Be it’s an export packaging or domestic consumer packaging, we have infrastructure to provide you the best.

Life cycle Analysis of corrugated boxes: We make boxes that are environment friendly. Raw material is RoHS and Reach compliant. The outer coating and surface treatment are selected keeping the End of Life recycling in mind. We use Soya based inks, Starch based adhesives and water soluble varnishes for your corrugated boxes. All corrugated boxes are supplied with a Box Manufacturer Certificate (BMC).