Collapsible Plywood Box

Collapsible plywood boxes or foldable boxes are also known as nail-less boxes. Our client assembles large electronic panels and required a simple and elegent solution. They wanted the packaging to be dust free, clean and one where their logo could be shown for branding. We offered them a simple P type collapsible plywood box in white faced plywood of 6mm thickness. The collapsible plywood box could easily be assembled by their people in the assembly plant without the need of carpenters, nails and hammers. This collapsible plywood box carries a weight of approximately 250 kilos. The electronic panel inside has a protective layer of VCI since a few parts were rust prone. To make the solution sea worthy we added VCI Emitters and Dessicants as well. The plastic bag was heat-sealed inside the box. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the collapsible plywood box was not fumigated or heat-treated since it is made up of plywood and desnsified wood blocks and these wooden items are exempt from all phytosanitary measures.