Antistatic PU Bags

Anti-static bags are made of polyethylene usually in pink colour. These bags prevent the build-up of an electrical charge but do not protect the parts in the bag from electrostatic discharge. These bags are therefore only suitable for moving parts within an ESD safe area, but outside an ESD safe area these bags do not protect the parts against electrostatic charges.

Antistatic Shielding Bags

The antistatic shielding bags are made of dissipative polyester and polyethylene. These dissipative bags do not build up an electrical charge and protect the parts in the bags from electrostatic discharge. In contrast to the pink bags, these types of bags also protect the parts outside an ESD safe environment against an electrostatic (discharge) charge due to the so-called ‘faraday cage’ effect. Perfect for shipping products, for example! Please note that if there is a hole in such a dissipative bag, it will no longer work properly.

Conductive Bags

These bags are made of a conductive copolymer which provides a low electrical resistance. Basically these bags work just like the Static-shielding bags according to the ‘faraday cage’ effect, but because of the low resistance the electrostatic charge is discharged faster. These bags therefore also protect the contents against shocks produced by the user, the surface or other surrounding materials during transport in or to a non-ESD safe environment. In addition, these bags are non-transparent and also protected the contents from UV light.

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